I am the daughter of India

I am the daughter of Bharat Mata

I am the Goddess you worship day in and out

I am the one whom you consider to be the life giver

But, what amazes me here is that I am here surviving for life

6 years, 8 years, 10 years ……

Well, India you now make me believe that age is just a number

I was dragged, stifled, raped and killed

The story doesn’t end here, this time the men have left me still

I am astounded, worried and petrified

When I saw people claiming rape to be religion specific

People were fighting, growling and howling

But amidst all this, no one thought that there was a life dying.

Nirbahya, Asifa or any other girl,

They didn’t see the age or the innocence, all they thought they were a piece of flesh

Everyone wanting to take a bite without considering their age or might

They say that a girl should know her limits, even if it comes at the cost of her spirit

Boys are strong; they can be free and roam out without any worry

How rude life can be, where one gender is strong, and other is weak making things go topsy-turvy.

Till now I knew a crime is a crime but now I have a different story,

The people who satiated their lust ignoring the age and woman’s glory

They tore it and ripped it apart

And here we are sitting discussing it on a political table making rape a religion label.

The ray of hope seems to be getting blurred but, I am still hopeful that one day I will have my share of life where I will not be a girl, a female gender rather a human with a smile.