Mobile phones, tablets, iPads, wearables etc. are no more a luxury instead they have become a necessity of life. Whats more ironical is that they are not merely restricted to a certain age group. Today you can easily find a kid of 2 years seamlessly operating tablets and mobile phones. They don’t need an instruction manual or guidance or help to make them understand how to use these stuff. Well, it may sound exciting to many and for some parents; it’s a matter of pride that their kids can effortlessly operate mobile phones and tablets. Indeed it is, but it’s good only to a certain extent.

I strongly feel that somewhere between the desire to grow and achieve more, we as parents have neglected our children. There was a time when we had great scholars and philanthropist who solely made a study by observing the nature and thus, was more imaginative. I agree that technology has made us efficient and strong, but somewhere down the line; it is curbing our inner instinct to be inquisitive and curious. Today children can easily Google everything or download a number of apps to learn, play and even make friends. But, tell me isn’t it hampering their growth by making them dependent on digital media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tinder etc.

Learning is good and knowledge can be imbibed from anywhere but it’s worth only when it’s absorbed mentally and physically. Unfortunately, we are raising digital slaves. We say that children are future of our nation, so why not make them self-dependent.

The fault is at every level, today when we take our children out, we often hand them over a mobile or run Chu Chu TV or any Youtube video to keep them engaged so that we can have a fuss-free time , but, amidst all this we have shut down their brain to absorb things from the environment they are in.

I am not condemning the use of technology or social media but I what I am trying to convey here is that childhood is best nurtured in a natural environment, don’t let it fall prey to the materialistic world. We, as parents are the first example for our kids, so make sure that we put the best step forward.

  • You can designate a few hours in the day when your child can use mobile phones, tablets or watch television.
  • Set some time for them to go out and play.
  • Even if your child is engaged in watching videos and songs, indulge with them, this way you can befriend them and also keep an eye as to what they are surfing the internet.

The recent incidence of Blue Whale Challenge game dumbfounded me, people are using innocence of kids to reap benefits. It’s a request to all the parents to free their children from digital slavery. Spend time with them, nurture them. It’s difficult initially but the results will definitely be positive.