I have written a lot about being a mother, her emotions, her apprehensions and her sacrifices but today I am making an attempt to express what a father feels.

Sometimes I feel that we are prejudiced towards mothers and with so much buzz about feminism, the male emotions either gets lost or never gain importance to be discussed. This is my effort to explain the emotions of the other gender or more popularly known as the strong gender.

Dear Child,

The day you were born, I know I was a bit apprehensive to take you in my arms at first but, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t want to, in fact, I was most curious, anxious but more than that I was afraid.

Yes I was afraid;

Your tender hands, little feet, and cute bright shining eyes tempted me to pick you up the moment you came in this world,

But, my child I was way too nervous to take you in my arms.

The world consider us, the male firm and strong, yes we are,

But deep inside we are weak, especially when it comes to our flesh and blood.

You were growing but at the same time, I was relieving my whole childhood with you.

Your pranks, your laugh and more than that your presence was the most wonderful experience, and I would not trade even the world for it.

I know that I came late from office and most of the times I found you asleep, I wanted to wake you up and talk to you but I resisted doing so.

Your chubby face with a cute smile, while you were asleep, was a delight to watch and I kept on staring at you and have done the same many times while you were asleep.

I want you to know that I was blessed to have you in my life otherwise I would have never known how it feels to live life.

You will grow old and in the busy schedule of life, I don’t know when we will get the time to sit and chat but this letter of mine a summation of my emotions.

Your not so emotional yet emotional father.

Note – If I have missed expressing something, my apologies for the same.