Being a mother is not easy,

You live a life which is very busy.

The day and night are no different,

As they are now defined by someone else’s biological system.

I still remember my first pregnancy test

The two positive lines that completely changed my mindset.

The very day I became a mother,

When even breathing fast made me felt that it will hurt you there.

Don’t get me wrong, this trouble was bliss

Coz I knew I will soon have a kid.

You were a mystery to me for 9 months

So, I kept on guessing your identity every month.

And then you came in my arms

With a tiny face and little arms.

You stole my heart the very moment

And made me feel like a complete woman.

I then realized my power and patience

When I kept you for 9 months and you came out like your father; what jubilation 😉

It doesn’t matter how you look or who do you resemble.,

All I know is that you’re my little angel.

Your first cry and your first smile is engraved deep in my heart,

This is the only thing which will last till I last.

I know I am still learning to be a mother,

It’s not easy, now I realize and I know that being a mother came with a lot of surprises.

You will grow one day and I will see you succeed in life

That’s my only prayer since the time you came in my life.