Should boys really not cry?

Well, my opinion is a bit different, I think we should make them learn to express their emotions rather than suppressing it under the disguise of being a strong gender. My question is why to teach them not to cry, why to idolize crying as a mark of weakness, why to make an emotion gender specific.

The world is too weak and vulnerable at this stage and with such stiff and sturdy rules laid by our society somewhere down the line, we are making our so called strong gender weak.

I am lucky to be born in a family which treats both boy and girl equal but one common sentence that I kept on hearing is don’t cry like a girl, don’t sit like a girl, don’t behave like a girl, be strong as a man etc. etc. etc. and this is not merely restricted to one family but this is the story of many open-minded families.

My only question to our society is, why you have to have to make emotions gender bias. We know that male are born strong and female may not be physically as strong as men but this is not the thumb rule which should be applicable on the emotion expressions.

It has been proven that men who are not able to express their emotions explicitly tend to be depressed, get frustrated easily and are more vulnerable when it comes to emotional turbulence.

We need to create a society where people have freedom to express what they fell without worrying about their gender, age, region or religion. Nowhere its written that boys don’t cry, it is we who have created this myth and have converted this illusion as a custom.

The day we make our sons’, brothers’, fathers’, husbands’ and friends’ learn that expression of emotion is not a mark of weakness and is not specifically related to females,  we will be laying the foundation stones of the society where we can talk about gender equality.