Buying your first phone or laptop or any gizmo is an overwhelming emotion.  As a fan of iPhone I had always wanted this phone, well, I had a credit card so could manage to gift myself my first iPhone and pay the bill in EMIs. But I was thinking what about those students or people who wish to own one of the popular gadgets but due to budget constraint they cannot afford it. Although credit cards and EMIs have emerged as a popular option but what if you don’t have either of this option. Under such situation, buying your favourite gizmo appears to be a dream; but not anymore. I came across  Finomena which will make your dream come true.

Finomena has emerged as a platform where you can buy gadget of your choice and pay later in EMIs and most importantly this EMI is without any credit card. Did this sound exciting, well, it brought me on the edge of my chair. Finomena is a company based out in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

The procedure of buying using Finomena is very simple, they have an array of products on their website, you can choose from there,  but if you wish to buy from another website; all you need to do is copy paste the link and fill the necessary detail, rest is taken care by the website and it will show you the EMI options.

Well, personally I  feel it’s a great initiative. I’m sure there may be other such websites but I came across this one so thought of sharing it. I hope it will be helpful to many people who are willing to buy gadgets in their hotlist.

Do check out before your next buy.