Yes it can, it happened with me

You came in my life when I was in my best shape

I thought that I had the best of both worlds

But then you came, and made me realize that a part of me was still searching for a divine love like yours.

When your hands touched mine

It felt like dew drops on the petals of a flower

When I felt your breath for the first time I felt the warmth of love

When I first looked into your eyes

I blushed and felt my cheeks going red with warmth that your eyes had for me

The moment I embraced you

I felt myself complete

You made me understand the real meaning of being a woman

The way you smiled looking at my messy hair and unmasked face

Made me realize that I am the best even in my worst


My Son – you made me realize that love is unconditional and you took my heart away the moment you moved from my womb to my arms.