I am a phoenix

And I rise from the ashes,

But, my dreams died the death of circumstances,

Sounds sarcastic but yet it’s realistic

People find feminism, a modern woman act of freedom

Dear friends, it a process of bringing in the revolution.

We are not demanding reservations or emancipation

All we need in humanitarian equalization.

We are born human first and gender later;

It is unfortunate that with the birth of a girl, humanity dies and gender survives.

We don’t say that life is easy for boys;

But when it comes to restrictions, it’s the gender that is glorified.

Admission, marriage, jobs, and appraisals,

A woman in power is always controversial.

She stays at home, and she is a liability

She moves out, “Look at her, she is such a selfish lady.”

Why can’t we dream and live it?

Why it is so hard to get it?

These questions are hard to answer because they will break the barriers

After all our society is patriarchal!!

Things will change, and we will survive

After all, I am a phoenix

And I rise from the ashes.


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