Sincerely, the third wheel

Am I an intruder? Am I unwanted or Am I just a third wheel? Many of you who would be reading this would have had this feeling at some point in time. Well, I am not going to divulge your personal life but here I would like to reveal the lighter side of being a third wheel.

Let’s face it, at some point in time we all have survived this stage and have undergone the same emotion.  Friends are special but what if your friend becomes close to someone else, the situation arises usually when your bestie enters a relation. I agree that this is not easy because many times you would have felt left in the lurch. Trust me nobody does that intentionally but when two like minds meet, the third one always gets away with nothing and you become the THIRD WHEEL.

Well, most of the third wheels have a few characteristic in common; the likes include, alone, a single a humanoid the company of a couple. Yu would have easily seen one of these in your vicinity or maybe you are the one.  Third wheels often undergo the feeling of varying intensity, often this gets triggered when you feel temporarily detached from your partnered friend.

Although, it’s difficult to cope up with this emotion but it’s not that difficult too. So, here I have something to cheer you up. Being a third wheel you can :

  • Easily hangout with other people without feeling guilty.
  • Don’t have to share your favourite pizza with anyone.
  • If you are the lucky one, there are good chances that you don’t have to pay bills and can easily hop on the seat to watch your favourite movie.
  • You get the 411 on what makes relation work and last long or in simple words; you know dos and don’ts of relationships.
  • Take it as if you have earned one more friend. Welcome your friend’s partner and you won’t feel left out.
  • There is no one telling you what to wear and what not to.
  • You can sleep as much as you want, you don’t have to worry about taking calls in the middle of the night.
  • You don’t have to act as a good guy and good girl every time. Being the third wheel gives you a freedom to be what you want to be.
  • You can easily check out other guys and girls without the fear of being caught 😉

So, you see, it isn’t that bad either to be a third wheel. All you need is to look at the positive side of it and your life is sorted. All I can say is the one who never feels alone in his own company can never be alone.