This statement would have astounded most of you and to many this would sound bizarre, but, this is true, ice-creams can make you lose weight; I am talking about military diet.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to join the military to follow this diet but its strict regime, strong willpower of the person following this diet gives it the name.

Military diet is a three-day diet plan, yes and in these 3 days you will shed weight and fulfill your dream of losing that extra fat. The mantra for the success of this diet is its components which increase your body metabolism and restrict the calorie count to the aunt that you need every day. As far as the origin of this diet is concerned, it is believed that this diet was prepared for the US military soldiers to keep them fit and in shape, however, there are no official documents supporting this fact. It is also known by names like navy diet, ice-cream diet etc.

A quick look at the components of this diet:

Grapefruit: You may not like it but don’t try replacing grapefruit with oranges or other citrus fruit as it may have an opposite effect. You can have grapefruit juice with stevia (no sugar).You may also have a ½ teaspoon of baking soda in water, grapefruit, and baking soda maintain the alkaline level whereas the oranges increase the acidic level leading the fat to flourish in the body.

Bread:  You can consume bread but in case you are not fond of it, you can replace it with flax seeds with yogurt (one-fourth cup yogurt and half teaspoon flax seeds), you can also eat protein bar but only ½ at a time, or you can have half cup wholegrain cereals. Tortilla or 2 rice cakes can also be used to replace bread.

Tuna –:  You can replace it with grilled sushi tuna or you can choose chicken, cheese, tofu, peanuts.

Beans: Not fond of it, replace it with spinach, tomatoes, lettuce, and tomatoes.

Meat: The vegans can replace this with tofu or Portobello mushrooms.

Carrot: You can eat this, the other substitutes include bell peppers, squash, celery, and beetroots.

Broccoli: Asparagus, cauliflower, and sprouts can be eaten by those who are not fond of broccoli.

Hot dog (without the bun) – Another replacement of hot dog is tofu dogs, lentils, soy dogs, portobello mushrooms or luncheon meat.

Cottage cheese:  replace it with Greek Yogurt.

Apple: you can have plum, peaches, zucchini, and grapes instead.

Coffee:  You can also have green tea.

Eggs:  A cup of milk, nuts or 2 portions of bacon also work well.

Crackers: You can replace it with gluten free cracker.

Peanut Butter: Hummus, soy butter, almond butter can be consumed instead of peanut butter.

Ice-cream- You would not want a replacement for this but in case you are diabetic you can switch to apple juice or any flavoured yogurt.

These foods are distributed in 3 different days to maintain your calorie count and increase metabolism. Also, it’s advised that you keep yourself hydrated and exercise regularly so that you can observe the better result.

In my next blog, I will be sharing the three-day military diet chart which will help you start this diet.

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