Vegetarian versus Non-vegetarian has been the most debatable topic of discussion and we have the stalwarts of both propagating the best of their choice. But, here I would like to tell that the non-vegetarian food is the only source of rich nutrient, rather you can switch to the vegetarian diet and gain an equal amount of proteins and other nutrients.

When it comes to the diet chart, the first thing that counts is the protein, the most vital nutrient, the building blocks of the body etc. etc. etc. Most of the people feel that it’s only the non-veg food which accounts for maximum protein content but this is just a myth, vegetarian foods can equally offer the protein amount and some of them offer even more protein content. And you get this protein without killing anyone 😉

Foods like Spinach, Broccoli, Green pepper, Cucumbers are a great source of protein and some of them have more protein content than the meat, here I have enlisted a few vegetarian food products which offer equal or more protein than meat:

The next most talked about nutrient is the omega3 fatty acid and it has its own reasons to be so popular. This fatty acid is not manufactured in our body and hence we need to supplement it from outside. Omega 3 is known to be anti-inflammatory food and is also known to prevent diseases like heart diseases, Alzheimer’s, arthritis and cancers.

Now that this nutrient is so important and cannot be manufactured in our body, the next question that pops up is from where do you get this? Well, the non-vegetarian can get it from fish but what about the vegetarian ones? If you have been thinking its only fish which has this fatty acid then you are absolutely mistaken, vegetarian food is also filled with high Omega 3 acid content; food like flax seed, chia seed, spinach, soybean etc are rich in Omega3 acid, here is the picture showing Omega 3 Fatty Acid rich food:

For the other nutrients like Vitamins, Calcium, and carbohydrates we have enough vegetarian sources but the aforementioned nutrients are the most debatable ones and most of the people lack the information. Including few of this food in your daily diets, you can definitely get the best health benefits without going non-vegetarian.

So, now you have all the reasons to turn vegetarian without compromising on nutrient value. I hope this information was useful.

Happy Eating !!!