Food is something which has undergone a huge transformation, from being one of the necessities to survive, it has become a mode of celebration; especially if we talk in the Indian context then any celebration or moment of joy seems to be incomplete without food.

Indian delicacies have not only gained acceptance and appreciation from our own people but are highly acclaimed by those living in different nations and are not of Indian origin. At every nook and cranny of the nation, you can find some new taste and flavour. The root of Indian cooking is strong and deeply rooted in the Vedas. As per Vedas there two types of food:

  • Satvic
  • Tamsic
  • Rajasic

As per our Vedas food has a direct impact on our thinking and behaviour; here is a brief overview of these types of food and its impact on our personality:

Satvic – These foods are always cooked fresh, they simple, light on the stomach, tasty and juicy. They are considered to be very good for health. It has been observed that people who follow a Satvic diet tend to be more balanced, clear minded. Some of the common food in this diet includes milk, butter, ghee, wheat, fruits, and spices like ginger, coriander, fennel seeds, and cardamom.

Tamsic- these include food which is either overcooked or processed. All variants of junk food fall in the category. Non-vegan food like beef, meat, eggs also falls in this category. People solely following this diet suffer from instant mood swings, cravings, insecurities and are not able to deal with others in a balanced manner.

Rajsic – These foods are fresh but at the same time heavy. They tend to contain more oil and spices as compared to satvic food. The nutrition value of these foods is also high; food like meat eggs, fish, chicken, chilies, whole pulses, and vegetables are a part of the rajasic diet. The consumption of these foods causes greed, jealousy, anger, and fantasies, it has been observed people consuming this diet tend to be the followers of Power, Prestige and Prosperity but none of these feelings tend to take control of them. They are the go-getters and know how to take control of their emotion and behaviour.

These are not just food rather they define our way of living. It is important that we are able to strike a balance among these three to enjoy a healthy body and healthy mind.