Friendship is something that stays forever

It’s the bond that has trust, love and fervour


It’s the only bond that doesn’t see caste, creed or religion

That’s the reason, true friendship survives despite all divisions


Who said that friends need to meet every day and share every details,

It’s a bond that grows in silence and still speaks volumes every day


Life doesn’t give you a chance to choose family and some associations

But it does give you an opportunity to choose friends who are sometimes more than blood relations


I am blessed to have friends who have not misunderstood my silence

And have deciphered my emotions that have remained hidden


We will have many more celebrations to do and moments to cherish

But today is something that we will always relish


Misunderstanding will be a part of life

Who said that life is complete without spice?


We will have our differences grow sometimes

But that doesn’t mean that friendship will not survive


A true friend will see my positives even in my negatives

But will always correct me in silence

I don’t need to shout out loud to say how much this bond means in my life

This poem is a dedication to our friendship that doesn’t need a tag to thrive.


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