India is my country and we Indians are together despite being so different from each other. We all come from a nation where we proudly boast about unity in diversity but are we really united? Lately, this question popped up in my mind. Well, before I begin to say my opinion, I want to convey that I am not driven by any political party or cast, I am a writer and this is solely my opinion.

Have you ever wondered that why in a nation where we have a different variety of animals, why only COWs have become so important, in fact, they have become so important that they are now an emblem of a religion. Why so much privilege to these two species, what wrong have the others done that they are not even able to get the mercy of people.

Why can’t we leave animals alone, they are innocent and I’m sure they would also be wondering why so much hype and hoopla about them, killing any animal is wrong, whether it’s a goat or a cow or even a crow. Why can’t we rise above religion and casteism, the issue has so engulfed us all that we have forgotten we are humans and God created us a superior species that have the ability to analyze and differentiate between right and wrong. But, are we really doing right. People are fighting over petty issues of religion and casteism when there are grave issues like rape, corruption, poor development staring us in the face.

Are we doing the right thing? Have we ever asked this question? We care so much about animals but have we ever thought about a human life, when a girl is raped and left to die on the road when people have to bribe others and fight for their own rights. We have all the time to discuss animals but have we ever thought about us, what are we becoming. Sometimes I feel that animals are way better than us, at least they don’t kill the animals of their own family. It’s only human who kill humans for their benefit.

It’s high time that we introspect our behavior and thinking pattern; let’s unite as human rather than dividing ourselves by religion and for God’s sake let’s not imbibe the emotion of casteism in animals. They are God’s beautiful creations as we are, at least leave them away from casteism.