A woman passes through different phases in her life; I would like to say that there is nothing as dynamic as a woman so, here I am a mother, wife, sister, aunt and you can call me by many names but I am a woman first.

Of all the roles that woman takes up in her life the most demanding, challenging, alluring and dedicating is that of a mother. After a woman becomes a mother she is not only responsible for her life and people related to her but at the same time, she becomes responsible for nurturing a new life who will later influence the life of others. It would not be wrong to say that a mother gives life to a new life.

12th November 2014, the day when God promoted me to a designation that every woman craves for, I was blessed with a boy. It was a new experience when he stole my heart with his little hands and ran away with it. The smell of new life that I could sense around me was overwhelming. I was exuberated and full of apprehensions, through my pregnancy, I was wondering what it would be like to see a new life in front me especially when I had nurtured it within me for 9 months. Motherhood began for me the day I came to know that I had a little life blooming within me. While taking care of my newborn baby, I soon became a multi-functional worker.

I wished if I could turn into an octopus with eight arms!One arm changing the diaper, one arm engaged in cooking, one arm to get the feeding bottle and one arm cleaning off the dust from the shelves. But, the unfortunate truth is that God has given us two hands and as a human, we need to plan and strategize but, for a woman, especially a mother the reality is topsy-turvy; she works like a horse in disguise of a human. Initially, the task seemed to be mountainous and gargantuan but as they say, time is the best teacher, so I learned everything which I think is the story of all the new moms.

Welcoming a new life is a great experience but at the same time, it is full of challenges and fears that once were never there. I’m sure many women at this juncture would have undergone the same feeling and emotions. Being a mother is the greatest gift of God; it shows how strongly a woman becomes an integral part of God’s created cycle of life. It’s a way to say, “Yes, I’ve got the power!” All I can sum up my 2 years of on job training as a mother is that it is hope, faith, repentance, forgiveness, selflessness and unconditional love that create the most divine effigy, THE MOTHER.

Kudos to the ladies who have entered this phase and to those would be, trust me the kind of strength you gain after becoming a mother is unparalleled.

Happy and Proud Mother!!!