This topic doesn’t need any introduction, the phrase itself depicts the entire story. Today, when we are living in the era where modernity is at its peak, technology at its best, we have something which is demanding immediate attention. Amidst the hype and hoopla of being the best and making our children outperform others, we forget a fundamental fact that children in their most vulnerable age are facing the problem of child abuse. Irrespective of the fact that we have well-equipped schools with cameras, security guards there are around 65% of child abuse cases reported in the schools.

The dismay is that schools, the institution of learning have become a breeding ground for molesters. What is required here is that we should take a step ahead and prepare our children to be more self-aware. They should know how to react when they face such a situation or whom to contact.

Charity begins at home, so why not make our house the first school of our children. I would not move back from stating that we as parents should start confiding in our children and at the same time make them gain confidence in us. Often it has been seen that children who suffer from child abuse or any sexual assault are not able to reveal the trust because they are afraid of their partners. Here we as parents should move a step forward and help our children.

I am overwhelmed to share here a small gesture of proactiveness shown by my son’s pre-school Footprints, Indira Nagar branch. Its been five months now that my child is going to this school and I can see what difference can a good school create. What makes me write this is the initiatives taken by its owners Sonu Agarwal and principal, Danish Fatima along with their staff members. They had organized a “Good Touch and Bad Touch”  workshop for children and their parents. Its great to see that schools have started analyzing the importance of pre-learning and pre-schools. It is the age when we lay the foundation stone for our kid’s future, and thus, it should be a strong one.

Well, the workshop was organized on 30th November 2017 and was well-attended by parents and children. Since I conducted the seminar, I was surprised to see how keen these little children fo age 2.5 – 3 years are to grasp new things. It brings me to another point; we should stop treating our children as naïve, if we can send them to school at such a small age, we can help them be aware of their surroundings.

The workshop involved teaching children how to react when someone tries to hurt them. They were asked to shout and run away. It is a small step which every parent can teach their children at home. Apart from this, there were other ways to make children learn about good touch and bad touch; I am sharing here a few pointers which can be helpful to you as well-

  1. Tell your children every day that they can trust you and tell you everything.
  2. Before you scold or shout at your child, please check if it is indeed Often yelling and screaming results in fear and children tend to move back.
  3. Don’t force your children to hug or sit on someone else’s lap
  4. Check if your child feels uncomfortable when someone visits your house and try to find reason behind it
  5. You can use the swimsuit method to teach your children about good touch and bad touch. You can tell them that areas covered under the swimsuit should not be touched by others, expect the mother, the father and the doctor ( that too when required)
  6. Make your children learn about their body parts
  7. Always ask your children about their day, how they feel, what makes them happy and what makes them sad.
  8. Don’t leave your child unattended when they are in someone else’s company
  9. You can talk to them about it while you are bathing them or taking them to the washroom
  10. Make sure you talk about it on a daily basis, maybe on the way to the school or at the time of sleep

The crux of the matter is that childhood is precious and if it needs an extra effort to make it beautiful, we should do it. I am thankful to Footprints, Indira Nagar and parents who have taken this issue seriously. Our child’s future is in our hands. We should make sure that it is safe and secure.