To the man who shoulders all the responsibilities but never complains,

To the man who smiles even in the worst of times

To the man who never shows emotion but is always emotionally connected with me

To the man who never made me feel that I am alone even when he was not around

To the man who made every day no less than a day to celebrate

I know a day to cherish what you have done for me is not enough

But, with pleasure and more than that it’s an honour for me to have you as my father.

The day, when you made me learn how to walk

And forget the fear to fall,

The day when you made me realized that failures are also an opportunity

And you don’t have to worry if you lost;

All you need to do is rise and shine

And made me believe that the world is mine

I owe my happiness and everything to you

I wish a Happy Father’s Day to you!!!