Pregnancy is the most miraculous period in the life of any woman but with this new development in your life comes new changes as well, and one of them being your physiological and physical changes. To some, it is not a matter of concern but for many women, getting back in pre-pregnancy shape becomes very important. This especially becomes a bit difficult if you have undergone C-section delivery.

Before you head towards your exercise routine you must understand that a C-section is major surgery and it takes a considerable amount of time to recover from it. So if you have recently undergone a C-section surgery, it’s advisable that seek your doctor’s advice before heading for an exercise regime.

An important point to note here is that a person who has had C-section will normally take 6 weeks to recuperate and for the stitches to heal, hence, don’t push yourself too early to get back in shape. Patience is the key.

Here I have listed a few exercises that you can follow to get back in shape:

  • To begin with, always makes sure that you gently move in the pace of receiving. Start with a slow walk every day followed by gentle exercises like:
  • Plow pose – Lie down on the floor and make your legs and reach above your head. 
  • Sphinx pose – in this pose, you need to lift your head and chest above the ground keeping your stomach on the floor.
  • Bridge pose– Bend your knees while lying on your back then apply pressure on your heels to lift your lower body up and back again. 

All these exercises strengthen your pelvic region and stretch your stomach but if at any point it starts hurting stop immediately.

  • Cardio exercise – You can switch to cardio exercises like brisk walking and jogging but you need to limit it to 15- 20 minutes a day.
  • Planks – If you feel strong enough and are willing to enter a more rigorous form of exercise like planks and later follow this by side planks but all this has to be done only after you seek approval from your doctor. Also, speak to your doctor about another exercise that can be done.




  • Eating right – Post-delivery you need to consume the right amount of food. You need to intake food that provides you enough calories, for example, you need to consume between 1,500 and 2,000 calories per day. Make sure that your diet rich in nutrient value and not just energy value.
  • Consume a lot of water – It’s advisable that you drink a lot of water especially if you have had a C-section. It helps in reducing bloating by moving out sodium from the body. Also, water makes you feel full and reduces the urge to overeat.

Apart from these exercises, it’s your willpower that will keep you going and will help you gain back that hourglass enviable body shape .

The article is only for the informational purpose; please consult your doctor before attempting any kind of exercise or diet plan.