Personally, I am a big fan of maxi dresses. And why not? They are extremely comfy and will cover you from head to toe. Still you can give a peek a boo from your favourate angle. Also, gone are those days when short and revealing was in vogue. Now, the current trend is to rock it from top to bottom and still look classy and sexy. So, here we are with maxi dresses. And since the sustainable fashion and capsule wardrobe is in, thus it is all about using minimal clothes and maximum looks.

So, since maxi dresses rule your summer. Wearing them in winter is always a million dollar question. So, here we will suggest you how to carry your maxi dresses in winter –

  1. A denim jacket – One of the most chic and street style look is to wear maxi dresses with a denim jacket. They are loose and has that perfect relaxed look to it. Also, denim jackets have that perfect warm feeling. Plus, this look is quite versatile. You can wear them at the pubs and at brunches too.
  2. With a blazer – This is specifically relevant when you have a structured maxi dresses. To make it more polished and sauve wear it with a blazer. This will give you that perfect corporate look and it will be perfect for your corporate parties too.
  3. With a high neck – This is specifically to beat excessive cold. If you have a sleeveless maxi dress then it will be such a superhit look with your high neck sweaters. This will keep you cozy and warm in even extreme winters. Such a thoughtful winter look. Right.
  4. With leather jackets – if you bring that biker chic of yours in the picture then this should be your pick. Leather jackets are perfect for winters and this will bring that perfect style element of yours. Will look sauve and stylish at the same time.
  5. Long cardigan – Long cardigan are the best way to bring out that feminine touch to your wardrobe in winters. We all love to wear blazers and jackets but cardigans will break the monotony and quite perfect as well.
  6. Wear pants underneath – rather than going for the tights, you can also wear some pants underneath. They are perfect and will keep you warm and stylish at the same time.
  7. Wear fur jacket – Fur jackets are wonderful to keep you warm and cozy in those breezy maxi dresses. They are perfect for a night out when the winter is at it’s peak.
  8. Carry huge scarf – a Huge scarf will carry beautifully with your maxi dress. This is perfect to keep yourself warm when the winters are not too much. They are quite stylish and will be a perfect statement look in winters.
  9. Chunky Sweater – A chunky sweater goes excellent with maxi dresses. This is the perfect way to smile when the sun is not shining on you. Also, colourful sweaters will be perfect to glam up your maxi dresses.
  10. Puffy vest – Puffy vests are quite perfect when you want to dress down in maxi dresses for winter. They are highly recommended when the weather is not very cool but yet you need something over the top.

Above given are some of the best ways to glam up in winters. Hope you liked the ideas. Let us what is your favourate in the comments down below.