Life would be much better and future would be clearer,
If only the world was a better place to live;
If only the people would be human first and not a machine,
If only people loved people more than they love their phone,
If only we had more time to talk than to chat,
If only we felt the emotions more than we express it on social media,
If you only life was more about real experience than hashtags,
If you only people had real faces than filters,
If only love was an emotion to feel and not a trophy to show,
If only childhood was about playing in the mud than surfing on net,
If only people clicked picture to capture the occasion rather than spotting a perfect angle for a selfie,
If only money was a means to fulfill the necessity and not the necessity,
If only people valued relation more than they value money,
If only life was more about creating moments rather than finding moments to be happy,
If only people were happy with what they have rather than satiating their greed for more,
If only contentment was the real happiness,
If only we worked on creating memories rather than clicking them,
If only people could love being real,
Life would be much better and future would be clearer.