Human evolution has brought with it many transformations and the biggest of it is the ability to analyze and assess things as good or bad. It is said that human brains and the human beings are the most evolved and developed of all the species. We are emotional, sensible, analytical etc. etc. etc.

But the current scenario makes me feel a bit different. I know that human beings are classified as male and female, but, I thought that difference is physiological and physical but the recent developments make me feel that we are socially, emotionally and by God’s grace in every aspect different. What I want to question here is who created this difference?

I have seen people claiming that boys should not sit like this, this is how the girls do it, boys should not be sensitive etc. So, I thought of creating this rule book of human evolution where I have classified how guys and girls are separated and this process starts from the day a child is born.

RULE 1: Boys can’t wear pink, it’s the patent colour for girls. 

RULE 2: Boys should not cry, tears are an emblem of your weakness. It’s the girl’s proprietary product. 

RULE 3: How come you lost the game to a girl? I mean are you really stating that girls cannot win the game also? 

RULE 4: Dancing, cooking, gardening are the favourite hobbies of girls, don’t indulge in it. Are you sure of what you are saying here? Who claimed that only girls dance, cook and plant a tree? 

RULE 5: Don’t sit with your legs spread out, this is how a guy should sit. Now how a person sits also becomes a classifying parameter.

RULE 6: Don’t laugh out loud, you are really not supposed to that, you are a girl and you are expected to be quite and silent.

RULE 7: Learn to cook. Without cooking, there is no happy living for girls.

RULE 8: No need to play out after 7 PM. This is often a taboo for girls in India, however, for boys, it’s perfectly fine to roam out the whole night.

RULE 9: Don’t wear skirts and jeans, they are revealing. These restrictions grow with age for girls and become a free field for boys where they can roam even in their boxers. Who will tell them that problem is not with the clothes, it’s the mentality.

RULE 10:  Boys should not be sensitive, you are expected to be tough.

These are just a few rules which we start contemplating in our children from a very early stage. It’s my genuine request to all the parents that we help develop a child which is free from such rule and they will create the world which is equal for all and I think then we will not need the word FEMINISM at all.

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