am saddened by the fact that people are posting a statement against the government when we need to showcase the world that we are united. Some people really need to overcome this politicization of every god damn issue. Whatever we are facing today is because of some poor decisions that were taken years back. Also, expecting a government in its 5 years regime to miraculously bridge the huge gap between what we are and what we have to be is absurd. It’s ironical to see that in 70 years we didn’t question and kept on voting to the same government despite undergoing adversities and now in 5 years we want a change to happen just like wagging a magical wand. Not to miss that the army and airforce have been given complete right to take the decision. Additionally, whether it is Modi, Rahul Gandhi or we as a commoner can keep on posting questions and question but what we need to understand that those people are fighting for us and if all of us cannot do anything, at least we can stop playing the blame games. We definitely not need this, all we need is to give our army and airforce confidence that they are fighting to help build a strong nation.

Kudos to our government and the steps taken by Modi that we have the news about the release of Abhinanadan in 24 hours. Lets for once stand united as human rather being differentiated as religion and political parties.