I am a mother of a 2-year-old child and trust me I don’t feel like one. Did this astound you? It should not, the irony of our society is that once a woman enters the phase of motherhood, I mean since the time she conceives the child, her life  is set with so many protocols, walk like this, sit like this, eat like this and the never ending list.

My story is no different, but the moment I had my child in my hands, the first thing that crossed my mind was my childhood. Every day when I see my son grow, I see myself living my childhood. I find our society so funny, they ask us to be with a child like a child and when we start doing so, we have so many raised eyebrows. Well, I can’t do anything to change the whole society. Today while surfing through the pages of the newspaper, I came across this article which said about how Kareena Kapoor is having me-time and how she is being trolled on social media. My question here is why you want us to be always bounded in chains, sometimes parents, then husband, then in-laws and then child. Who said that having a child stops you from being what you are? A CHILD IS AN INCLUSION NOT A LIABILITY who should change your life and if does, it is for the betterment. When I see my son play, enjoy and explore, I can feel myself doing the same and I also do the same.

Motherhood is a success only when your child grows to be a happy one and not the one who always sees a lady who is sitting and adoring him. A child wants a friend, a partner in his/her mother and not a guide or a boss, remember, your child, not an employee who needs to be micro-managed, your child is your partner who needs you to a part of what he does. Well, this doesn’t meet that you shouldn’t stop him from doing right or wrong. Children are like kites and parents are the thread, you should know when you should allow the kite to fly high in the sky and when it should be brought back on earth.

Motherhood is a journey where we all learn to evolve over a period of time, make sure it’s a pleasant one.