Summers are around the corner and as the season is going through a major shift. Your skin will also be undergoing a major shift. And with this seasonal change, your skin routine will also change. Summer comes with the danger of sun exposure and sun damage. Taking care of your skin and protecting it from the sun is a major concern in summers. Also, redness and breakouts are also quite common in summers. So, summer skin care involves dealing with all of this.

Let’s have a look at what are the best skin care tips for summers as per the dermats –

  1. 1. Water

  2. Skin care Tips for summers
  3. First and foremost water is life in summer. This is one of the best and budget-friendly way of taking care of your skin in summers. Well, dehydrated skin requires much less maintenance and also the glow and radiance are quite visible.
  4. 2. Sunscreen

  5. Skin care Tips for summers
  6. Sunscreen should be your best friend all year round. But it becomes very important during the summers. Use a sunscreen which has a broad spectrum. It should have higher SPF and should also offer UVA and UVB protection. Also, keep reapplying the sunscreen every now and then at least after every 2-3 hours.
  7. 3. Summer Accessories

  8. Summer accessories also help in taking care of your skin. You have hats, sunglasses, scarves. This will help you to beat the heat and keep your skin cool and tan free.
  9. 4. Ice

  10. Make it a point to apply ice every evening on your face. This will keep any redness or irritation of your face in check. Also, with ice, your skin will be toned and it has a tightening and cooling effect on your face.
  11. 5. De-Tan Face Packs

  12. Skin care Tips for summers
  13. You must either buy or DIY some of the de tan face packs. They should be used on daily or on an alternate basis. This will help to de-tan your skin and also keep your summer skin cool.
  14. 6. Aloe Vera

  15. Skin care Tips for summers
  16. Aloe Vera is a summer moisturizer. Moisturization should be done year round irrespective of your skin type. Aloe vera is a really light moisturizer which helps to take care of the burnt skin and also improves your skin texture in the long run.
  17. 7. Exfoliation

  18. Exfoliation is equally important in summers. Use a de tan scrub on a regular basis. This will help to remove your recent tan and thus your de tanning efforts will be reduced by a huge margin.
  19. 8. Non-Comedogenic Products

  20. Anything which blocks your pores in summers is not at all recommended. Thus, it is better to use non-comedogenic products as they will help a great deal in keeping your skin breathable.
  21. 9. Blotting paper

  22. With summers comes a lot of oil and sweat. And thus it is very important to keep blotting paper handy. You can wipe out the excess oil and sweat as per your requirement.
  23. 10. Less Makeup

  24. Makeup might make your face too oily and uncomfortable. Thus, use less makeup in summers and allow your skin to breathe on it’s own.

These were some of the best summer skin care tips. I personally love them and use almost all of them myself. Let us know what are your favorite tricks and tips in the comments down below.