India is a glorified nation and we proudly claim to be a democratic nation where everyone has the right to speak and has Freedom of Expression, but is that really true. We all have been through various stages in our life where we have seen people demonstrating the highest level of hypocrisies which sometimes I totally fail to understand. This is my guide to the ABC of Indian Hypocrisies, so let’s begin our class children-

A for Arrange Marriage – This is the only way that will make you live in the society and trust me you can trust a total stranger to be your life partner and not the one whom you have known for quite some time.

B for Beta hua hai- If you have a son, you have everything under the son; so what if he kicks you out of your own house once he grows old, after all, he is a boy.

C for Curiosity- It gets curbed the moment you ask a question which stands against cultural norms.

D for Dowry- We say no in public but you are giving everything to your own daughter so why abandon it?

E for English- ENGLISH is the new HINDI

F for Future– The one thing which is yours and will be decided by family and relatives

G for Gol Roti and Gori Ladki– Only then you will have a happy family life after marriage !!! Like really

H for Hush – Don’t say a word in front of your elder, they are right even if they are wrong

I for Izzat- Nothing is more important than this, even your life

J for Job and that too government – The only way to have a safe and secure life in India and a boy’s passport to get a beautiful bride and good dowry.

K for Khoon and Khandaan- As in your race and religion, the ID card of you being a high society person or a low society person. In our words HS and LS

L for ladka aur ladki kabhi dost nahi hote – This doesn’t need an explanation, the cause for many honor killings in India

M for Men and Mardangi – Should never be questioned

N for Name – Your religion and caste is more important than who you are

O for Oonchi Awaz band– This fits especially for girls in our nation who are not even allowed to raise a voice when they are being molested.

P for Pechaan –  Or resources, if you have this, you can get away with anything


Q for Qyamat- or Doom’s day- ,it’s the time which comes when you don’t follow any of the aforementioned or below-mentioned RULES of the society

R for Rakhi- The emblem to show that a girl has a legitimate relationship with the boy

S for Society and Social Norms- It’s okay to  Pee in public but you cannot express love in public

T for Tantrums – the rights reserved only for fair and beautiful girls for the others it’s crossing the limits

U for  Umar- The  alarm clock for a girl and guy to get married

V for Virginity- The wedding gift that every Indian husband deserves to get but doesn’t need to give.

W for Women –In India  where people worship Goddesses and treat women in their house worse than animals

X for XXX– Everything which doesn’t fall in the parameter of Indian SANSKAAR

Y for Young India –  We speak a lot about Young India but their voices are never heard or are undermined; Old people are always right


Z for Zamana- We worry more about what the world will say and not about what we want.