Did you know that whatever you search on the net or see is just 10% of the whole thing, the rest 90% is deep, dark and hidden, and this is the dark web; a place where everything you thought never existed, flourishes and blooms. It’s the world with the world.

I felt the same when I started searching for the black side of the internet, well, I am a  novice as far as the technology is concerned but my inquisitiveness to explore about the World Wide Web brought me close to something which came as a shock to me. I am talking about the dark secrets of the virtual world, “THE DARK WEB”, for some of you like me this would be a completely new word and some would have already delved deep into this world.

So, here is my understanding of the dark web. But, before I begin I would like to warn you that please do not access the links that would take you to the dark web, you seriously would not want to mess things up, also, I will be interchangeably using the dark web and deep web so don’t get confused.

Here it goes:

As far as the internet is concerned there are two broad worlds, one which is visible to us via search engines like Google or Bing and one which remains hidden. The hidden one is not the dark web, it’s the deep web. I will simplify the terminology for you:

  1. Surface Web– this is visible to all of us and for most of us this is the only world. Your search engines, social media, Instagram, all websites related to education, banking, and other platform falls in this category.
  2. The deep web – This version of the world wide web which is not indexed and is not the part of the surface web. Also known as “Deepnet,” the “Invisible Web,” the “Undernet” or the “hidden Web,”. Many of the deep websites are not indexed as they hold large database which is devoid of hyperlinks and can only be accessed after performing an internal search query.
  3. The dark web – now this is what we are going to decipher ahead but for now, this part of the virtual world is something that you would have never thought existed. The deep web is many times used interchangeably with the dark web since in the both the cases the content remain hidden and is not indexed. But in the case of the dark web, the content is purposely hidden. Unlike surface web you cannot access the dark web using your routine search engine, it needs special accessing tools like TOR and Freenet which will help you navigate in the world of dark web.

A quick example to explain the difference between surface web and deep web:

Everything accessible to you via a search engine is a part of the surface web. But when you access your online banking account, now the first page that pops up when you log in is a part of the deep web, there you have to feed your id and password, now this remains hidden and cannot be disclosed, this is termed as deep web or hidden web. There is a genuine reason behind hiding your data as it’s linked to your bank account but, when we talk about dark web, here you have it all which is not permissible under normal societal norms.

What falls under dark web?

By now I hope you would have understood the difference between the surface web, deep web, and dark web. Next comes why the dark web is so spooky and what lies there?

You have seen porn videos, videos depicting hideous crimes, MMS etc. these are a mini version of dark web. When it comes to dark web then the matter gets serious, from child pornography to buying human flesh, from buying drugs to AK-47, everything is legal in the world of dark web.

It is the place where the dredges of the society dwell. You can say that it’s the black market f everything, you will get stuff like drug dealing, prostitution, child trafficking, organized crime or anything which the law will not permit.

Well, out of curiosity, I dug deeper into it and was able to fetch some links that could take you to visit these sites but, I would not recommend exploring deeper into it and even if you wish to know more about it, you need to be cautious because someone out there is watching you.

The most bizarre part of these websites is that they continuously change the IP address and hence, you cannot easily track them. The way these websites are constructed, it is easy for the person to monitor your every move so beware what you are looking for and where you are heading.

How to access the dark web?

Since these sites are hidden and are not indexed you cannot access it directly via a search engine using a normal browser. You need specific proxy sites to gain an entry into the world of dark web. In order to surf through the dark world of the web you need to go to anonymity online and download Tor browser, it contains all the required roots. Following this, you need to run the download file and select the extraction location, post this you can open the Tor Browser and are all set to see what dark web has to offer. But, a warning for those who might want to explore it, PLEASE BEWARE OF THE CONTENT, you really might not want to see certain things lying there.

What if you decide to visit the dark world?

I have already mentioned that you need to download a proxy browser which supports the dark websites and if you have by now downloaded it and all set to move in there, make sure that you take the following precautions:

  • Never trust anyone in the dark web
  • Cover your webcam or camera while accessing these websites.
  • Do not download any kind of files or software from the deep web.
  • For those who want to be extra cautious, you should type about: config” in the address bar and then scroll down to “Javascript_enabled” where you need to change value from “true” to “false”
  • Do not use any torrenting services while you are exploring the dark web.

Well, this was just a brief overview on dark web. If you think, this all then let me tell you that we just saw the trailer; a lot is left to be deciphered. I will soon do covering more information on this but for now, you can sit and think that there is a secret world exist and if you plan to be a part of this world, beware, they are watching you.