Well, the marriage season is all on fire and everywhere you could find guys and girls in best of their attire hitting the function. Recently,  I attended one such event and overheard the conversation of a group; I always knew that guys categorize the girls but this was my first-hand experience, and trust me it felt as if the guy had done a complete research on the girls. I thought why not dig out some more information on this so here I am with a bit of information about the kinds of women but this blog is not to offend anyone or feminity .  I am a female and I am inquisitive to know which category of female I fall under. When we talk about women, they are different from men whether it’s their anatomy or psychology, women tend to think and behave differently. What I have discovered that there are three types of women and each has their own set of characteristics, here I have compiled the list:

  • THE DOMINANT ONE- You could have easily seen one of this around you, they are the one who is bossy and always prefer to be the leader. The moment, these females get into a relationship, they throw tantrums by issuing orders, have expectations and wish them to be fulfilled by their male counterpart.  The guys who are dating the dominant women or are in a relationship with them needs to make sure that  the dominant women live by the rule, “I’m-a-woman-I-deserve-respect” , the moment you fail to fulfil her expectations they can act as a big drama –queen. But, one thing that you guys should know is that dominant women are smart, attractive and fun to be with,you cannot resist them.So, if you have fallen for her, don’t forget to pamper her.


  • THE SUBMISSIVE ONE – The women falling in this category are very loose but that doesn’t make them weak, it’s just that they allow their male partner to play a dominant role. But, the bottom line is that the submissive women just like other women tend to be high-drama sometimes, yet they have ablasé attitude and are flexible as compared to the dominant type. They are the most feminine type in all the three categories.


  • THE INDEPENDENT ONE – Well, I won’t say they are the most easy-going type; rather these women have a dash of the dominant type. They are engrossed in their own lives, friends, hobbies and career and don’t have time to boss a guy. They are smart and filled with leadership qualities but they don’t dominate the other partner. Well, if you have been thinking that it’s all good-good about the independent women, then wait; I have something to tell you, such women may end up in more than one relation and might not be the serious types. So you better watch out!


Women are complex but so is every human being; they are vulnerable, at times candid but can be difficult to handle at times. Take her as she is, all she needs is love and care. Categorization is just to understand the basic characteristics of each type so that you can nurture your relation accordingly.

 “Women are made to be loved not understood”