This is a small poem depicting the pain and fear of those who died an unfortunate death owing to the carelessness of the authorities. What makes me even sadder is the carefree attitude. Whom to blame and what to do is a different story but somewhere, someone died and families lost their hope. I seriously wish that one day we will have a brighter morning where everything will be crystal clear.

The scream that was not loud enough to reach your ears

It melts my heart and chills my spine

How can someone be so wild;

Childhood is the best phase of life,

But, some people ruin these buds even before they bloom.

You can get away with it

And sleep tight,

Maybe you are too deaf to hear the scream of that little voice.

This is not the story of one child,

It can be anyone, as the people are now going wild.

A 2-year-old die in the toilet and somewhere a 10-year-old falls from the building,

But in a school of hundreds, there is no one noticing.

What an irony it is, that a place which is the second home for a child

Becomes the death bed for them and boulevard of broken dreams.

The days will pass and so shall this case;

Like many others, this death will also rest in peace and we will have another unsolved mystery

Waiting for to be unveiled.