Dresses are back in fashion. And women love to wear them in numerous ways. And why not. Market is flooded with different types of dresses. You can easily pick up the one as per your choice. We have maxi dresses and short dresses. You also have the bodycon dresses and the loose comfortable ones. Not to forget the midi length dresses too.

And do you dresses are one of the sure shot ways to look tall. So, what are you waiting for? Wear those dresses and command high in glory. Let’s have a look at how you can look tall with dresses –

  1. Fitting – fitting is the real deal when it comes to dresses. Make sure that at least your dresses fit you well at the shoulders. Also, make sure that hem and sleeves are also well to your body proportion. Even when you end up buying some of the loose dresses, then hunt for a good tailor who will get it customized for you.
  2. Posture – Posture is very important when you are looking to have a taller frame. You should be confident and not leaning at all. Make sure that you maintain a tall posture and also your shoulders should be as straight as possible.
  3. Well structured heels – Heels obviously add to your frame. But make sure that you don’t go wrong with your heels. Avoid wearing loose and chunky heels. Go for well fitted ones and they are quite perfect to give you that taller and lean frame.
  4. Monochromatic look – make sure that you have a monochromatic look from top to bottom. A single colour helps in elongating the frame and will give a leaner look to your personality. So go for the monochromatic dresses. Avoid too much of clash of colours.
  5. Horizontal Lines – Horizontal lines divide your personality and thus make you look shorter. They divide your frame in different sections. So, the best way is to wear horizontal lined dresses. This will add some extra height and inches to your frame.
  6. Vertical a big yes – vertical is a bug yes when you are looking to see yourself long. Wear V neck, add some cleavage or wear vertical stripes. This will help you to look long without making much of the efforts.
  7. Add volume at the top – when you add volume at the top, then obviously you will keep you lower bottom slim and structured. So, this is the time to make your top chunkier and big and with structured bottom you will look tall and slender.
  8. Add shape at the bottom – bottom is the place when you want to add some lengthening effect. So, here you can add some elongating tricks. Like go for a parallel pants or a bootcut bottom. This will add some length at the bottom.
  9. Accessories – Accessories should also be chosen with care. Make sure that you don’t go overboard with them. also, your bags should be well in proportion. Avoid too big bags as they will make you look shorter.
  10. Hair and makeup – keep your face slim with the help of a bronzer or contour. Also, have well trimmed hair. Short hair can also do the trick. But long boring and lifeless hair will only add chunks and weight to your existing frame.

Thus, above given are some of the easy peasy ways to add inches to your existing frame with dresses.

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