The path of my success hasn’t been easy,

My struggles are stronger and my weaknesses have become shaky.


In this tenure, I have seen my strength grow and my weakness fall

But amidst all this, I have risen and grown tall.


Pain and Gain are the sides of a coin

which I have earned a bazillion times.


Silent cries and fake laughter are not a myth but my life’s reality,

And I don’t regret because it has made stand strong in this society.


I might have been broken and sometimes sued

But the strength in me didn’t elude.


You thought that your sarcastic banters were hilarious and will make me inferior,

But you didn’t know that they were just being the stepping stone for me being victorious.


I don’t expect the world to comprehend my situation,

Coz I am a human, not a mathematical equation.


Trust me life is not easy but it’s worth it all

Coz being a human is a gift which isn’t gifted to all.


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