Well, let’s admit the fact that flat shoes are the comfy most. They are one of the most comfortable footwear ever. But here comes the question of wearing heels to look tall. Well, we all want to look tall and slender but that is actually not possible when you are unwilling to wear heels. And of course on practical basis, it is also not possible to wear heels every day.

So, what is the solution. Well, worry not. We have got that covered for you. Here we are bringing you with some of the easy cheat sheets which will help you to understand how to look tall in those flat shoes –

  1. Wear nude shoes – Nude shoes will give you an impression that your feet are continuing and growing. So, what you will get is that an elongated version of your feet. This is perfect because your legs will look taller and slender here.
  2. Wear pointed shoes – pointed shoes also have that elongated look to your feet. They add an illusion of extra inches which is perfect in order to gain that dream height of yours.
  3. Low Vamp – Low vamp means showing off more of your feet. When you show more of your feet, then obviously it has that lengthening effect on your feet. And in return it makes you look long like never before.
  4. Structured Shoes – rather than loose and chunkier shoes, structured shoes always add that extra height to your frame. Structured shoes gives that perfect definition and length to your frame. And you obviously gain some inches without much of the efforts.
  5. Minimal Straps – You will be amazed to know but actually straps make you look bulkier and divide your legs thus making them look more shorter. Ankle length strap shoes will make your legs look chunkier and add some extra weight. And simple flat shoes with straps also does the same. So, the best way is to ditch those straps and go for the simple basic look.
  6. Short dresses – when you pair your flats with shorter dresses then you obviously show off your legs a bit more. This is perfect to add that extra frame to your height and then you gain some inches without even trying for it. So, when you are planning to wear flats, then wear short dresses underneath.
  7. Show off your ankles – ankles are one of the most underrated part of your body. But they can be a major game changer as well. why not wear ankle length pants and let the bottom part expose. This will definitely add up some extra inches. Same is the way to go with ankle shoes as well.
  8. Adding volume to the top – This is another style cheat which will give you a taller frame with flats. Add some chunky top or sweater at the top. This will add some height and then you will be all ready to wear something fitted underneath so that your legs look slim and taller.
  9. Side Split – This is very important and very crucial trick to wear maxi dresses with flats. When you are looking for a maxi dress and then you want to pair it with flats, then look for a maxi dress which has side slits.
  10. Same Look – To look taller with flats, the simplest way is to wear the same coloured look from top to bottom. That is to wear a monochromatic look.