Jumpsuits are one of the most versatile piece of clothing which you would love to wear on different occasions. And the best part with jumpsuits is that they make you look incredibly long and slender. You don’t believe this, well this is true. But how can the short heighted girls, love the jumpsuits.

Well, here we are giving you some of the awesome tips and tricks which will ensure that you rock the jumpsuit trend like a pro –

  1. Solids should be your pick. – Here to say yes to the solid patterned jumpsuits. One pieces overpower your height and size. They not only make you look slender and tall but also will give a beautiful feminine touch to your wardrobe at the same time.
  2. Fitted waist – Fitted waist is always a must when you are looking for a simple yet stylish dress which will add some inches on your height. Fitted waist will accentuate your body and give you that curvaveous body look. Also fitted waist will separate your top and bottom and then you will look gorgeous even in that petite frame.
  3. Right Length – Right foot length is very important when you are buying jumpsuits. You can either go for an ankle length pattern. You can add up some inches with some nude heels at the bottom. Or go with the full blown parallel pants. This will add some inches at the bottom and give you that slender long legs look.
  4. Prints Prints – You can also pick a printed jumpsuit of your choice. But make sure that the prints are well in shape. For a short heighted girls. Too big prints will not serve the purpose. Don’t go for big and dramatic flowers or any other prints. Also, don’t confuse yourself with too many colors. Go for well patterned prints and then only they will look goregeous on the shorter frames.
  5. Darker colours – rather than option for lighter colour in jumpsuits, darker colours can perfectly play the game here. Opt for darker colours which will play the illusion game. Here you can play a peek and boo easily and then darker colours are perfect jumpsuit pick for short heighted girls.
  6. A waist belt – a waist belt is perfect to be worn on your waist. This are not only too stylish but are perfect to be worn on numerous occasions. They will create a separating effect for your waist and also these jumpsuits have that body hugging feeling.
  7. Checks – checks are another great way of playing with the shorter frames. Go for the vertical stripes. They will add some inches on your frame and also they look quite perfect when worn on numerous occasions too.
  8. Black Bottoms – black bottoms are perfect to give an illusion of darkness at the bottom. They not only elongates your frame but also add some inches and then has that slimming effect also on your body.

Above given are some of the best tips and tricks which will help  ladies with the shorter frame. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up some clues and let’s begin our work.