Life is very precious and all of you would agree to this fact but lately, I have seen many incidences of people committing suicide and the latest incident shook me from within, it was a video of a boy in Mumbai who shot a whole video before committing suicide. This was gross and weird, I mean how can someone get so digressed and fall prey to the worldly affair that being ignored or failing in relationship or minor glitches in life can make you so vulnerable that you plan to end your life

Before I proceed, I want you to ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you love yourself?
  • Will you get reincarnated as human again?
  • What’s the mantra of happiness?

Honestly some will yes, we love ourselves but my dear friend, let me tell you that we all have become social slaves where our happiness becomes a slave of other likes and dislikes; we are not sure what will happen the next moment then what’s the guarantee that we will be born as human again and the mantra of happiness is to find peace and find love within you.

The biggest issue which is making people do all this is a lack of time and love for oneself. We are so busy pleasing our partner or people around us that we forget the fact that one should first fall in love with oneself, how can someone else be the parameter to define how happy or sad you should be?

Love is like a flower if it will bloom within you only then you can spread it’s fragrance to others and to nourish it you need to make effort, don’t search it outside especially in times like today where everything comes with conditions apply. I am not raising my voice against love but I am raising my voice against love which is killing you and it can be anything, your friends or your relations.  If something is making you weak, demeaning you and derogating you, then people, this is definitely not love. A relation which helps you grow as a person is the right one for you. It should teach you to be positive, it should respect you.

Another reason for rising cases of suicide and dying relation is our society. Sometimes I feel that each one of us is living a life where there is no place for sympathy and emotion. What is happening in others life is not our business, well, this doesn’t mean that you should go and poke your nose in someone else’s affair but at least take the time to stop and smile, make someone feel wanted and raise voice against what is wrong.  In the haste to make our living, we forget that we are humans and not machines.

I understand that sometimes circumstances become grave and you are very weak and vulnerable but the moment you feel like you will fall, take the time to look back and see if your death is going to affect the person who forced you to do this. Will that person be even bothered for a minute, what about those who love you and care for you and more than anything else what about you? Do you deserve this? I think no human and no animal deserves to die a forceful death. Rise and ask yourself if this is the only way? Everyone who is reading this, it’s a request, please love yourself but don’t be selfish and don’t break someone’s heart, everyone is not strong as a mountain. Spread love and let it affect your life positively.